Welcome to Bonnybox.co.uk Luxury Sterling Silver Design and Manufacture.

Committed To Looking Good !

Welcome to Bonnybox.co.uk Luxury Sterling Silver Design and Manufacture.

Committed To Looking Good !

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May I personally welcome all visitors to this Website, whether purchasing or just curious. I personally handmake all of my designs in a comprehensive (if not cluttered) Home Workshop. The British Hallmarking Council 'Assay Dealers Notice' guarantees your Precious Metal purity. I only use Precious Metal supplied by one of the largest suppliers of Bullion in the U.K. There are Three Compulsory Hallmarks required by Law for advertising and selling Precious Metal ; i however prefer to display Three extra 'optional' marks, including a Date mark (which became legally optional after 1999).

Bonnybox.co.uk is a Sole Trading Silversmithing Business, developed from passion not finance. I have an Electrical/Engineering background, but always preferred my 'Old School' Art College days. Returning to education, i successfully completed a B.A.(Hons) course in Three Dimensional Design - Silversmithing and Jewellery in Leicester, U.K. where i designed and created a Trophy for the World Habitat Awards. Later, i received First prize for Stone Setting (Improvers) at Birmingham New School of Jewellery. 


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As an option to Precious Metal, please view my Non Precious Metal category : a good design feels and looks good, regardless of the material used !


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If you have enjoyed visiting this 'site , please visit again to catch up on regular uploaded designs. I believe there is a choice  which caters for a more 'quirky' and yet authentic design taste.


Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events. Experience Unique Sterling Silver Items, all manufactured in the delightful surroundings of Historic Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, United Kingdom.

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          Whether you wear an item of Jewellery, or display a precious article; 'If it just doesn't feel right, then you won't' !

           So why purchase anything that doesn't feel right ?

           In this materialistic world of ownership trends and ostentatious presentation; the purchase, is a momentary reaction to marketing strategies.

            Bonnybox.co.uk doesn't believe in 'strategizing' to qualify over inflated sales projections. 

            If an item feels good to make (and obviously looks good); then you too can rest assured, that this item will outlast the 'feel good factor' for longer : Job done !

Bonnybox.co.uk is a new British Silversmithing Business.

'Leaving Europe'

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